Monday Sep 1 @ 10:48pm
Every single time I have had an encounter with the police

It’s been fucking stupid. Last spring when I lost my keys and I was alone searching in the “natural” area of NC State until early in the morning, the police refused to help me although I called them numerous times and even broke down crying.
I just got pulled over in Oak Island. I was in the left lane but in about a mile I needed to turn right, so I merged in front of a cop SUV, thinking it was no big deal. Half a mile later, at the entrance of my neighborhood, they turned their lights on and I got a warning ticket for “unsafe movement.”
What the actual fuck, I had my blinker on and way more than enough room to get over. The only reason I didn’t get a ticket was because I was a “rich” white girl in a brand new 2014 car about to enter a gated neighborhood.

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